Monday, November 28, 2011

Bowling is Number 1

Why Customers are Happily Bowling                

"During a period when an increasing number of sporting industries and activities are competing for the attention of time-starved and cash-strapped consumers, Americans are turning to a classic pastime - naming bowling the nation's number-one participatory sport...". 

In recent years, bowling has enjoyed a tremendous resurgence in popularity that has been fueled by the emergence of family entertainment bowling centers and increasing levels of participation among women and youth bowlers.  Tens of millions of Americans who bowl every year can't be wrong - and there is no sport more inclusive, welcoming and fun that has an appeal that spans all ages, backgrounds and genders.  More and more Americans are discovering and rediscovering bowling as a wholesome and affordable experience.  From adult organized play and youth leagues to birthday parties, singles nights and good old-fashioned family outings, bowling continues to be a top draw among Americans of all ages".

Based on 2011 Simmons Research Data, below is a ranking of the top 10 participatory sports:

  1. Bowling                                23.0%
  2. Billiards/Pool                       18.2%
  3. Basketball                           17.1%
  4. Golf                                      13.5%
  5. Baseball                               11.3%
  6. Football                                10.1%
  7. Soccer                                    9.0%
  8. Volleyball                               8.5%
  9. Softball                                   7.9%
  10. Tennis                                     7.6%
Information provided by Bart Burger, BPAA