Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bowl-A-Roll Lanes

Bowl-A-Roll Lanes

The bowling season starts next week so be sure to sign up for one of our FUN filled leagues.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bowl-A-Roll Lanes Leagues

Bowl-A-Roll Lanes
"Your Family Fun Center"
Where Everyone Meets To Have FUN

League bowling is one of the most popular recreational sports in the United States. If you're not a league bowler, chances are you know one, even if you don't think you do. League bowling has given many hours of joy (and frustration) to people since the inception of the sport, and continues to do so.
There are leagues available for all types of bowlers. If you're one of the best bowlers in the area, there's a league for you. If you don't care about winning at all, there's a league for you. If you and your significant other want an activity you can do together, there are couples leagues for you. On top of all the leagues bowling alleys administer, you can usually set up your own league at your own center. Bowl the way you want with the people you want. 

For more information please contact Bowl-A-Roll Lanes at 585-427-7250 or email us at

No Couch Potatoes Here!


There is still time to join one of our fun-filled leagues.

Sunday @ 9:30 pm           4 Bowlers Per Team
Monday @ 6:30 pm           5 Bowlers Per Team
Thursday @ 6:30 pm         5 Bowlers Per Team
Friday @ 6:30 pm              5 Bowlers Per Team

Thursday @ 6:45 pm          4 Bowlers Per Team

Sunday @ 2:00 pm             4 Bowlers Per Team
Sunday @ 6:30 pm             4 Bowlers Per Team  
Sunday @ 6:30 pm             Co-Ed any combination
Monday @ 6:30 pm            Co-Ed any combination
Wednesday @ 6:30 pm       Co-Ed any combination
Friday @ 7:00 pm               Co-Ed any combination
Saturday @ 6:45 pm           Co-Ed any combination
Saturday @ 8:15 pm           Co-Ed any combination
Saturday @ 8:15 pm          Co-Ed any combination - Once-A-Month 

Golden Agers Mixed
Monday @ 1:00 pm
Wednesday @ 1:00 pm
Friday @ 1:00 pm

Friday @ 4:30 pm
Saturday @ 10:00 am

For more information please call Bill at 427-7250 or email us  Thank you for visiting us at

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Kids Bowling Leagues

Leagues are now forming for teams and individuals for Youth Bowlers!

Competing in one of our Junior Bowling League at Bowl-A-Roll Lanes 
in Rochester, New York combines the fun of bowling with teammates and friends with the thrill and excitement of competitive bowling against league opponents. Leagues are divided into 3 ten week sessions with 4 bowlers per team.  All leagues are Co-Ed and can be made up of any combination of Boys, Girls or Mixed.

Bowling is also America’s #1 participation activity with over 68 million American’s bowling each year. Bowling is a favorite with children/kids ages 5-18 with over 40% of that age group bowling at least once per year.

Our youth bowling coaches will teach your child the basics of bowling, a lifetime sport that provides over 3 million dollars per year in scholarship money to graduating seniors.  The best part of many bowling scholarships is that they are based mostly on participation and not solely on talent. BEST OF ALL—NO ONE RIDES THE BENCH IN BOWLING!

Plus…Bowling is now the fastest growing high school sport in America.


We're parents too and we know sometimes when you sign your child up for a new sport or activity they may not enjoy it.  Don't worry about it – come the first week and see how your child likes it.  If your child chooses not to come back you haven't lost anything we'll happily refund your money.
 For more information visit us at: www.bowl-a-roll 
or call us at 585-427-7250.

College Night Bowling Special

Welcome back area students!

You're about to have some real fun with great   drink specials, food specials, music, and more! Plan on joining us every Sunday and Monday evening for College Night at Bowl-A-Roll Lanes. Watch all your favorite NFL teams on the NFL ticket. Centrally located to all the area colleges. 

For more information please contact us at 585-427-7250 or email us at Join our email club at and receive FREE games of bowling.

"Bowling is generally one of the more fun activities that are available in Rochester."  We think it's really important for students to unwind every now and then — between their tedious studying and all — and bowling is a really great way to do just that. 
College bowling night takes the pressures of school off both the body and mind and includes the added bonus of not cleaning out one's wallet. Students organizations on campus have found advantage in college bowling night, too, as it provides a convenient way to get a large group together without having to ask each member to pay a lot of money. 

Bumper Bowling

McDonalds Bumper Bowling Program 

Monday, August 12, 2013

2013 LPGA Caddy's Party and Tournament

Action during Bowl-A-Roll's 2013 LPGA Caddies' Party

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  A Night of Fun and Relaxation Before the Big Event! 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

End of Season Party

Today signified the end of our Summer league program and everyone had a great time.  Plenty of food, unlimited bowling, door prized and great friends.

Unfortunately no one was able to guess the combination to our Safe Cracker promotion and the $50,000 grand prize.  

Thank you bowlers for another great Summer season.  We hope to see everyone back in the Fall.  Have a great summer for the remaining few weeks of the Summer.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Four Reasons Why Bowling is Such a Great Sport

Fall is just around the corner. However, what happens next fall when the weather turns and many people begin thinking about cuddling up by a roaring fire instead of slogging through rain, ice and snow. Will they get their exercise and enjoyment then?
Sports-loving individuals who want something to do that isn’t quite as exhausting as mountain climbing, jogging or bicycling and doesn’t require picture-perfect weather to enjoy may want to consider the more relaxing and fun sport of bowling.
Bowling is a Fun and Physical Sport
Contrary to what some people may believe, bowling is a very physical sport. In fact, according to many experts, bowling burns around 200 calories per hour. But what’s even more important is that bowlers can have a fun time even if their not that good at it. Sure, league and pro bowlers have mastered many of the techniques that make this sport competitive. But even people who only bowl occasionally will find that bowling is an enjoyable way to spend some free time.
Bowling Can Be Done in Any Weather and  at Any Hour
Too wet outside to play basketball or baseball? Don’t want to golf in 30 degree weather? Why not bowl instead? Yes, there is a lot to be said about getting outside in the fresh air and enjoying a bit of exercise. However, sometimes it’s just not practical. Bowling eliminates the problem with inclement weather. And many bowling alleys throughout the country are open 24-hours (and not just in Las Vegas), so those who are looking for some fun at midnight don’t have to worry that the greens aren’t open at that hour.
Bowling Equipment is Provided Onsite
Unlike a sport such as skiing which requires a major financial investment in clothing and equipment (whether skiers rent or buy), bowling only requires bowlers to show up in comfortable clothing. Of course league and pro bowlers invest in their own bowling equipment, but the occasional bowler doesn’t have to. There are plenty of shoes to rent and a variety of bowling balls to choose from that allows anyone to be able to bowl when they want.
Bowlers Can Bowl Alone or in Groups
What to play tennis with someone and can’t find a partner? No one available for a little catch? What’s great about bowling is that anyone can do it alone or in groups. Consider an afternoon or evening of bowling with friends whether in league or just for fun. Or if no one is around for the moment, there’s no reason for sports enthusiasts to put their life on hold. Bowling welcomes everyone – singles, doubles and teams. The fact is that bowling can be fun and physical whether someone chooses to do it alone or with friends, at midnight or noon and without regard to weather conditions. And that’s why it’s such a great sport.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fall Leagues

A bowling league is a group event where several teams bowl against each other over the course of a season. Most bowling leagues consist of four team players that meet up once a week or once every other week, usually at the same day and time. Teams of three or five players are also common. Leagues can be set up as male-only, female-only, or mixed. Four-person teams tend to be used in mixed leagues, while three- and five-player teams are more common in male-only and female-only leagues.

You don't have to be a great bowler to join our league, we welcome all skill levels. Whether you highest score is 100 or 300 league bowling is a fun and exciting way to mix a social atmosphere and competition at the same time. Bowlers range from averages of 100 to 200 in our league and there is always room for you.

Get your bowl on and reserve your spot on the league. Bowl-A-Roll Lanes Family Fun Bowling Leagues are a fun and great way to make new friends. Get ready for an upbeat, social environment.  Spend time with friends (or family) and a little friendly competition. Pick your teammates, and reserve your place on a league. It's just that simple!

For more information please visit us at www.bowl-a-roll or email us at or call us at 585-427-7250.  We look forward to seeing you.