Friday, July 3, 2015

Bowling is the Perfect Summer Sport

Bowling is climate-controlled fun.

If you've ever golfed, jogged, or pitched horseshoes on a sweltering and sticky day, you know that miserable weather conditions greatly diminish your enjoyment of favorite summertime activities. In fact, dealing with oppressive heat is often dangerous, especially if you don't stay properly hydrated. Bowlers don't worry about any of this. Bowling centers offer climate-controlled entertainment all year long, granting players a cool respite from searing hot seasonal temperatures.

Bowling keeps school-aged kids engaged during vacation.

Every child looks forward to summer vacation, but they need something constructive to do with all that time off. Bowling makes a great choice. It helps kids stay active, it teaches them about cooperation and competition, and it helps build self-confidence through athletic achievement. Bowling during the summer also serves another purpose: it allows kids to stay in touch with friends during the school break, making sure the social bonds between them stay strong.

Pools are expensive. Bowling is not.

Pools are a popular summer diversion, but they have significant drawbacks. Building your own pool is expensive and most residential pools require near-constant maintenance. Public pools are a lesser commitment, but are often overcrowded and overpriced. Bowling is inexpensive summertime fun  and you won't need a towel or an extra change of clothes.
Summertime activities are all about fun with family and friends -- and bowling is the perfect sport for this time of year.