Saturday, November 26, 2011

Funtime Junior Bowling (1985)

There was "Funtime Junior Bowling" on Sunday mornings. Eight pairs of kids would bowl the final 3 frames of their games on TV to determine the winner. Winners received trophies, and the highest score for each age bracket was the "King/Queen of the Hill". 26 shows per year, with the king/queen at the 13th and 26th show being crowned the "13-week King/Queen" and reappearing on the show to get a huge trophy. Yours truly appeared twice on the show, winning both times and being a 13-week King. My brother appeared once and was also a 13-week King (he struck all 5 shots on TV). I have video of my appearances, which may be the only surviving video of a show that was on the air for nearly 30 years.   Sit back and enjoy one of the Rochester's most popular Youth Bowling TV shows:  
                                                 "FUNTIME JUNIOR BOWLING"

 Courtesy of Chris Freemesser