Monday, April 9, 2018

Adjusting Your Push Way

Here is a bowling tip to help you do two things. One get more speed on your ball, the other being slowing your shot down. 

Now this tip can also be used to get the ball down the lane or set it down sooner. The idea of this technique is to use your push away to ether push the ball up and out farther at the start or down and with less force. 

Now we ask what does this do and which one does what. Well I am not going to go into too much detail at this time about when you should try this technique, but I am going to try to explain which does what. 

Now if we push the ball up and out more this will cause the ball to have more force in the pendulum swing, this will cause more momentum at and speed in your arm swing so you will in turn get more speed on the ball. 

In addition, to this you will have a higher back swing which could help you get the ball out and down the lane quicker. Now pushing the bowling ball down and out with less forces will do just the opposite, this will give you less force in the pendulum swing. 

In addition, you will not have as much back swing so in turn less force at your release point. This could aid in slowing your shot down or setting your bowling ball down sooner. Now caution should be taken into consideration, you do not want to mess up your approaches timing and develop a bad habit. 

I recommend you be versatile enough and learn what to do when, but learn when to change back if these techniques do not work today. In addition, you should toy around with this type of adjustment in practice to find out what they do for you and which works best in what situation.