Monday, March 19, 2018

Why You Pull Your Shot In Bowling

Reasons For Pulling Your Shot In Bowling

Here is a tip that is designed to give you some of the potential reasons you could be pulling your shot across your body in bowling, and perhaps a cure for the problem. Ninety percent of curing the problem is understanding the cause. A few potential reasons for pulling your shot are listed below. 

1. Fear of getting the ball outside your target; so you pull your shot across your body. This is common on sport patterns like the USBC oil patterns or PBA shot. On this condition try to remember to roll the ball straight down, not outside or inside your target, narrowing your margin of error. 

2. Round housing your arm swing is when a bowler goes around their body in the approach. Sometimes it is because they are starting their ball in the middle of their body rather then to their side. Remember your arm swing should be straight back and forward in the pendulum swing. 

3. Fast feet is when your feet and arm swing are out of time, which causes the bowler to be off line at the end of their approach and delivery. Some things to try are slowing your feet down and keeping your arm swing the same speed as it was before. Try moving up or moving back on the approach. 

These are a few things to try and some potential causes for pulling your shot in bowling. Once again, tips are a tip that is all they are, if it does not work go back to what you were doing before.