Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Most Important Thing In Bowling


What is the Most Important Thing for higher Scores?
Even with bowling centers that have easier house patterns which takes less effort to roll a strike, this tip affects all types of bowler's scores. Beginner to advanced, cranker, tweener or stroker, I can sum this up in one word, SPARES! Spare shooting is still the most important part of the game of bowling.

 It can cost a professional a match in tournaments or be the one thing that keeps you from that new target score. Doing a simple calculation, one missed spare is minus 11 pins. This is usually pretty close. As an example, if I were to have a clean 200 game, but with an open frame or a missed a spare, I would have about a 189. This does depend on your pin count (Note: This is just a ball park figure).

 Another way to look at it is I had a 200 game with 1 open frame, but I would have had about a 211 if I would have filled the open frame with a spare. To sum it up I know it sounds basic, but it is true, spare shooting is still the most important part in bowling.