Sunday, May 21, 2017

Different Types of Bowling Balls

The Different Types of Bowling Balls 
Here are some of the different types of bowling ball cover-stocks and cores to date. First there are 5 types of cover-stocks that I am going to talk about they are plastic,
reactive pearl, reactive solid, reactive hybrid, and particle.

There are 3 main types of cores in a bowling ball which include 3 piece, 2 piece symmetrical, and asymmetrical. Now in more out lined detail
listed below.


1. Plastic - is usually used in 3-piece cores.  It does not have much traction on the lane and is lower in price.  It is mainly used as a spare ball or a beginner ball.

2. Reactive Pearl - is used in all types or cores.  Normally it has more of a skid snap reaction.

3. Reactive Solid - is used in all types of cores.  It has an earlier and smoother reaction than the pearl.

4. Hybrid Reactive - is mainly used in 2-piece symmetrical and asymmetrical cores.  This type of cover is made to give the bowler the best of both worlds as it has a combination solid reactive and pearl reactive.  It is mainly used on over and under bowling lane conditions.

5. Particles - This was a cover-stock that was made to combat heavy oil.  It had pieces, or particles, in the reactive cover to help it grab the lane surface.  There are not many companies making particles anymore, but there are a few. It was mainly used In 2-piece symmetrical and asymmetrical cores.

Note: Urethane Cover-stocks that were popular in the 1980's are now making a comeback.  They are not as aggressive as reactive bowling balls and are more powerful than plastic.  In addition, they are usually smoother in transitioning but do not have the hitting power of the reactive balls.