Friday, August 9, 2013

Four Reasons Why Bowling is Such a Great Sport

Fall is just around the corner. However, what happens next fall when the weather turns and many people begin thinking about cuddling up by a roaring fire instead of slogging through rain, ice and snow. Will they get their exercise and enjoyment then?
Sports-loving individuals who want something to do that isn’t quite as exhausting as mountain climbing, jogging or bicycling and doesn’t require picture-perfect weather to enjoy may want to consider the more relaxing and fun sport of bowling.
Bowling is a Fun and Physical Sport
Contrary to what some people may believe, bowling is a very physical sport. In fact, according to many experts, bowling burns around 200 calories per hour. But what’s even more important is that bowlers can have a fun time even if their not that good at it. Sure, league and pro bowlers have mastered many of the techniques that make this sport competitive. But even people who only bowl occasionally will find that bowling is an enjoyable way to spend some free time.
Bowling Can Be Done in Any Weather and  at Any Hour
Too wet outside to play basketball or baseball? Don’t want to golf in 30 degree weather? Why not bowl instead? Yes, there is a lot to be said about getting outside in the fresh air and enjoying a bit of exercise. However, sometimes it’s just not practical. Bowling eliminates the problem with inclement weather. And many bowling alleys throughout the country are open 24-hours (and not just in Las Vegas), so those who are looking for some fun at midnight don’t have to worry that the greens aren’t open at that hour.
Bowling Equipment is Provided Onsite
Unlike a sport such as skiing which requires a major financial investment in clothing and equipment (whether skiers rent or buy), bowling only requires bowlers to show up in comfortable clothing. Of course league and pro bowlers invest in their own bowling equipment, but the occasional bowler doesn’t have to. There are plenty of shoes to rent and a variety of bowling balls to choose from that allows anyone to be able to bowl when they want.
Bowlers Can Bowl Alone or in Groups
What to play tennis with someone and can’t find a partner? No one available for a little catch? What’s great about bowling is that anyone can do it alone or in groups. Consider an afternoon or evening of bowling with friends whether in league or just for fun. Or if no one is around for the moment, there’s no reason for sports enthusiasts to put their life on hold. Bowling welcomes everyone – singles, doubles and teams. The fact is that bowling can be fun and physical whether someone chooses to do it alone or with friends, at midnight or noon and without regard to weather conditions. And that’s why it’s such a great sport.