Sunday, August 21, 2011

"Have Clubs, Will Travel"

In Golf World's August issue we see life on the LPGA Tour through the eyes of the caddies themselves. All is not glamor! "For veteran caddies today's LPGA bears slight resemblance to the one that hooked them years ago". Life is not easy. The pay is eratic; there is no health care coverage, pension plan or job security. Despite these shortcomings and the many demands placed on the caddies with fewer tournaments, more international travel, greater expenses and with increased demands from the players themselves, the caddies still find the time to have some FUN.  

Although most of the social events for caddies such as the par 3 tournament where the players caddied, are gone, one event that remains is the bowling tournament at Bowl-A-Roll Lanes near the site of the Wegman's Tournament. For the past 25 years Greg Sheridan and Donna Earley have organized the event on the Tuesday of tournament week. Some 75-100 caddies and players participate in a night of FUN and relaxation before the big event. This year Natalie Gulbis rolled the ceremonial first ball, knocking down eight pins.  "At least I got rid of the nickname 'Gutter-ball Gulbis' I got last year", she said to jeering laughter. "The bowling tournament, with pizza and beer, is a taste of how life used to be on the tour".