Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bowling is Fun

Eight Reasons to Enjoy Bowling Tonight:  A Fun Recreational and Sports Activity for the Whole Family


Bowling Alleys are Everywhere

Most cities and towns throughout the United States (and the world) have bowling alleys within close proximity, which means no driving for hours or flying off on vacation in order to take up this recreational sport. And because most bowling centers are open long hours (some even 24 hours a day) every day of the week, bowlers can enjoy themselves whenever the mood strikes.

It’s a Weatherproof Sport

Okay, except for the occasional exhibition game done by the pros, bowling is traditionally done indoors. Though many might not want to drive to the bowling alley in bad weather, neither rain, sleet nor snow can stop bowlers (or postal carriers) once they get inside the nice, warm center.

Great Camaraderie

What could be more fun than getting a group of friends together over good food and good times? Bowling is an opportunity to hang out with friends, enjoy a few laughs and a little exercise. And on special nights (usually Friday and Saturday) many centers offer Cosmic Bowling (also known as ‘glow in the dark’ bowling) when bowlers listen to loud music and throw glowing bowling balls.

It’s a Family Affair

For anyone who is looking for something the whole family can do together, think bowling. Bowling centers offer kids a chance to burn off energy while they learn a healthy activity as well as how to play nice with others. Or for those who are looking for a little time apart, many centers have a special treat for youngsters called overnight bowling, where parents can drop them off around midnight Friday or Saturday and pick them up early (usually around 6a) the next morning.

Anyone Can Bowl

Whereas many other sports require some skill or an entire team to get things going, bowling can be done alone with little or no prior training. Most people pick up a bowling ball for the first time and fling it down the lane without ever having taken a single lesson.  On top of that, this is not a sport that discriminates. Bowlers can be young or old, male or female, in top physical form or not. In fact, many bowling centers have weekly leagues designed especially for those with disabilities where they come together and have a good time.

No Equipment Investment

Bowling requires no regular financial commitment. Yes, league bowlers pay a weekly fee and typically buy their own bowling ball and shoes; however, the occasional bowler need only arrive at the bowling center in comfortable street attire and pay the cost of the games and shoe rental. Bowling balls, available in a variety of weights, are free to use.

Good Physical Exercise

Unlike the major team sports – baseball, football, basketball – where it is so easy to be hurt, the occasional bowler has a lot less risk of becoming injured. Sure bowlers have been known to twist a wrist or bruise their back due to some unfortunate miscue or wrong movement; however, in general, bowling is not a contact sport.

Cost Effective

While the price of bowling has increased over the years (after all, what hasn’t), it is still an affordable option. Many centers rent lanes by the game or by the hour. Prices for bowling and shoe rental, of course, ranges depending on the center. However, some places offer discount rates for certain groups (e.g., youth and seniors) or at special times (e.g., before 6p weekdays).

So next time the gang is looking for something fun to do together be sure to suggest bowling. And have a wonderful time.