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Bowling Leagues at Bowl-A-Roll Lanes

Bowling Leagues - Types & Joining Requirements

Joining a bowling league can be a great way to spend special time with your family, friends, or even with coworkers.  Anyone from beginning to advanced bowlers can join a league. People of all ages can enjoy and benefit from participating in a bowling league. Leagues provide social stimulation, and can also satisfy a competitive spirit.

Bowling dates back to the Egyptian Pharaohs and boasts a long and glorious heritage. League bowling can be a very special part of the whole bowling experience. It can be a great way to relax, unwind, have fun with others, and help relieve the pressures of everyday life. The thunderous roll of the ball, the sound of pins crashing, the great thrill of getting that strike, or even a bowler's first two hundred game can create spontaneous excitement and many precious and lasting memories.

You are bound to hear excitement, applause, and laughter when a league is in action. Anyone can be a valuable member of a bowling league, no matter what their bowling average may be.If you are interested in improving your bowling skills or bonding with people, the best approach is to join a bowling league.

Types of Bowling Leagues

There are many different types of leagues available to suit many different people and their unique tastes. Just like dining in a restaurant, there is a whole menu of choices as far as bowling leagues that are offered.  The types of leagues include youth, adult, adult and youth, all men, all women, senior citizens, and groups with men and women together.  Times for bowling leagues can be during the day, mornings, afternoons, or evenings, which can be early such as right after work, or late at night. Leagues can take place during the weekdays or on the weekends.

A person can join a league anytime during the year, but leagues that take place during the summer (May or June), or in the fall or winter (like August or September), usually offer the greatest variety of choices as far as types, days, times, and formats. Lengths of the bowling league seasons are determined by the starting date.
On an adult team there are usually 4 or 5 bowlers. On a youth league team there are about 3 or 4. Bowling leagues can be made up of people with different backgrounds and interests. Religious organizations, various companies, fraternal groups and many others form leagues.The format of a league is usually 3 games, which take approximately two and half-hours for a traditional bowling league.

Many times league bowlers compete for individual and team awards such as plaques and trophies. Also, many leagues will collect extra money at the end of the season or host a dinner or dance for the league members and their guests. Some organizational leagues will donate money to a charity that they represent.

Requirements for Joining A Bowling League

Some people hold the mistaken belief that in order to participate in league bowling they must carry an average score of 180 or more. This simply is not true.  A typical daytime female league member bowls somewhere between a score of 100 and 120. A nighttime female bowler typically averages around 120 to 140. And the typical male nighttime league bowler only averages between 140 and 160.  The game of bowling has a handicap system that when used helps balance beginning bowler's averages with perhaps older or avid player's.  The handicapping system for bowling is what gives everyone a fair chance to win. Taking a percentage of the difference between one's average and a designated score is calculated as one's handicap.

For example, the league may designate a score of 220 to base their handicap off of. If your average is 140 and the league determines the percentage to be 90%, you would take the 220 minus the 140, which makes 80. Then you would take 90% of 80, and that would give you 72. Therefore, your handicap would be 72.
If it happens that a player bowls just one good game at a score of 185 for example, they would take the 185 plus their handicap of 72 and that would give them a score of 257. This helps put them in a better position to help their team to win. This also improves their chances of winning some jackpots.

The way in which the jackpot works is very simple. One person will collect money for each jackpot. For example, if it costs 3 dollars to enter the second game jackpot and 25 people enter the jackpot, it would then be worth 75 dollars. If you happen to have the highest score out of the 25 entrants for the second game, you will win the jackpot of 75 dollars. In this way, not only can bowling in a league be challenging and fun, it can also be very profitable.

In order to join a bowling league, one can simply call Bowl-A-Roll Lanes (585-427-7250) and request information about any upcoming fall or summer leagues we are offering. Then contact the person who is in charge of the league. Usually this is the secretary. Ask if there are any openings for you to form a team.
Usually you can either form your own team, or if you do not have anyone to join with you, the bowling alley can connect you with others also looking to form a team. Most bowling leagues bowl 3 games per night, 1 night a week.

Bowl-A-Roll League Offerings

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Homeschool Bowling Program

Homeschool Bowling:  Ten Weeks of FUN and Excitement!  
Looking for a new sport to fulfill your Physical Education requirements? Join our Homeschool bowling program and see how much fun bowling can be. Bowling is challenging, mentally stimulating, competitive, FUN, and cost effective.

Bowl-A-Roll Lanes provides a clean, safe environment the whole family can enjoy. We will help you set up a team as well as provide on lane coaching to assist the children. 

Programs run on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 1:00PM.  All programs will start in mid September.  If your group would like to start a program of their own, please let us assist you in setting up a program.   Please call Bill Fortino at 585-427-7250 or email Robin at or Bill at  for more information. Join your friends and make new ones!!

Bowl-A-Roll Lanes   "Your Family Entertainment and Fun Center"

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bowling is Fun

Eight Reasons to Enjoy Bowling Tonight:  A Fun Recreational and Sports Activity for the Whole Family


Bowling Alleys are Everywhere

Most cities and towns throughout the United States (and the world) have bowling alleys within close proximity, which means no driving for hours or flying off on vacation in order to take up this recreational sport. And because most bowling centers are open long hours (some even 24 hours a day) every day of the week, bowlers can enjoy themselves whenever the mood strikes.

It’s a Weatherproof Sport

Okay, except for the occasional exhibition game done by the pros, bowling is traditionally done indoors. Though many might not want to drive to the bowling alley in bad weather, neither rain, sleet nor snow can stop bowlers (or postal carriers) once they get inside the nice, warm center.

Great Camaraderie

What could be more fun than getting a group of friends together over good food and good times? Bowling is an opportunity to hang out with friends, enjoy a few laughs and a little exercise. And on special nights (usually Friday and Saturday) many centers offer Cosmic Bowling (also known as ‘glow in the dark’ bowling) when bowlers listen to loud music and throw glowing bowling balls.

It’s a Family Affair

For anyone who is looking for something the whole family can do together, think bowling. Bowling centers offer kids a chance to burn off energy while they learn a healthy activity as well as how to play nice with others. Or for those who are looking for a little time apart, many centers have a special treat for youngsters called overnight bowling, where parents can drop them off around midnight Friday or Saturday and pick them up early (usually around 6a) the next morning.

Anyone Can Bowl

Whereas many other sports require some skill or an entire team to get things going, bowling can be done alone with little or no prior training. Most people pick up a bowling ball for the first time and fling it down the lane without ever having taken a single lesson.  On top of that, this is not a sport that discriminates. Bowlers can be young or old, male or female, in top physical form or not. In fact, many bowling centers have weekly leagues designed especially for those with disabilities where they come together and have a good time.

No Equipment Investment

Bowling requires no regular financial commitment. Yes, league bowlers pay a weekly fee and typically buy their own bowling ball and shoes; however, the occasional bowler need only arrive at the bowling center in comfortable street attire and pay the cost of the games and shoe rental. Bowling balls, available in a variety of weights, are free to use.

Good Physical Exercise

Unlike the major team sports – baseball, football, basketball – where it is so easy to be hurt, the occasional bowler has a lot less risk of becoming injured. Sure bowlers have been known to twist a wrist or bruise their back due to some unfortunate miscue or wrong movement; however, in general, bowling is not a contact sport.

Cost Effective

While the price of bowling has increased over the years (after all, what hasn’t), it is still an affordable option. Many centers rent lanes by the game or by the hour. Prices for bowling and shoe rental, of course, ranges depending on the center. However, some places offer discount rates for certain groups (e.g., youth and seniors) or at special times (e.g., before 6p weekdays).

So next time the gang is looking for something fun to do together be sure to suggest bowling. And have a wonderful time.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bowling's Health Benefits

Did you know?

Among bowling’s health benefits…

• Bowling burns roughly 240 calories per hour of activity.

• It strengthens and tones your arm, shoulder, chest, and leg muscles.

• It improves heart and respiratory fitness.

• It increases endurance while maintaining bone density.

• It speeds up your metabolism.

• An average bowler swings a bowling ball a full 360 degrees (200 degree

back swing, 160 degree down swing).

• An average bowler with a 16-pound ball swings 864 pounds full circle

in a three-game series (54 shots times 16 pounds per shot). That is

well over one-third of a ton.

• An average bowler walks an average of 60 feet per turn, or about

6/10 of a mile in a three-game series.

• The social aspect of bowling helps improve your mental outlook.

• Bowling is a lifetime sport. It is one of the few sports that allow you

to compete at a high level at an older age.

• Bowling provides an exercise option for those with physical limitations.

• The millions of dollars of scholarships awarded annually to youth

bowlers help them reach their educational goals, which keeps our nation

as a whole healthy.

The Histroy of Bowling

In 1930 the British anthropologist Sir Flinders Petrie and his team of archaeologists discovered all sorts of primitive bowling balls, bowling pins and other materials in the grave of an Egyptian boy from 3200 BC. It appears that the ancient Egyptians played a primitive form of bowling and that bowling is more than 5200 years old.

The German historicist William Pehle claimed that in 200 BC an ancient form of bowling was played in his home country. In Germany of that time a form of bowling was played during festivals, where stones were thrown at nine wooden sticks, which were called 'kegles'. Due to this fact bowlers in Germany are also known as 'keglers'.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Equipment Checking Week

Strike fear in the hearts of pins everywhere!  

Hello Everyone:

With the bowling season just around the corner, you should begin to think about having your equipment checked out.  For most of us, it has been several months since we last put our hand into a ball.  Try not to wait until the opening night of the league  to discover that your bowling ball doesn't fit.  You might also be surprised to learn that due to the warm weather your bowling ball may be "sweating" out  lane oil that is constantly being absorbed by today's reactive cover stocks. Now is the time to clean off the dust and grime accumulated over the summer months. Need to replace old worn out grips? Just in the past few months the bowling ball companies have introduced a whole new line of balls. Having trouble with your shoes?Can't slide?  Why not roll a few games to insure that your equipment is up to par?  So in order to be ready for opening night we recommend that you visit your local Pro shop for a pre-season "tune up".  Have a great season!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

"Have Clubs, Will Travel"

In Golf World's August issue we see life on the LPGA Tour through the eyes of the caddies themselves. All is not glamor! "For veteran caddies today's LPGA bears slight resemblance to the one that hooked them years ago". Life is not easy. The pay is eratic; there is no health care coverage, pension plan or job security. Despite these shortcomings and the many demands placed on the caddies with fewer tournaments, more international travel, greater expenses and with increased demands from the players themselves, the caddies still find the time to have some FUN.  

Although most of the social events for caddies such as the par 3 tournament where the players caddied, are gone, one event that remains is the bowling tournament at Bowl-A-Roll Lanes near the site of the Wegman's Tournament. For the past 25 years Greg Sheridan and Donna Earley have organized the event on the Tuesday of tournament week. Some 75-100 caddies and players participate in a night of FUN and relaxation before the big event. This year Natalie Gulbis rolled the ceremonial first ball, knocking down eight pins.  "At least I got rid of the nickname 'Gutter-ball Gulbis' I got last year", she said to jeering laughter. "The bowling tournament, with pizza and beer, is a taste of how life used to be on the tour".

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Homeschool Bowling FUN Day + Book Giveaway

Dates: Fri, 08/26/2011 Time: 1:00 PM

4-5 years
6-8 years
9-12 years

Family Price: FREE On Friday, August 26, 2011 at 1:00 PM Bowl-A-Roll Lanes will be hosting a FREE Homeschool Bowling Family FUN Day.

Each attendee will receive two (2) free games of bowling including shoes. Please contact the bowling center at 427-7250 to make your reservation.

Homeschoolers--Simplyhomeschoo​ling's annual book giveaway will be at Bowl-A- Roll in Henrietta on Friday, August 26 at noon. This is your chance to get rid of books and educational materials that are cluttering your home and/or get some new things for the start of the school year. Kids will be able to bowl 2 games for free, too! RSVP to Robin Steron or to Bowl a Roll Lanes at 427-7250. Please spread the word. :)

Anyone who brings used/new books or curricula can participate in this event.

Fall Leagues

At Bowl-A-Roll Lanes we make league bowling a great way to improve your game and a great way to have FUN.

We have leagues for every age and every ability!
Men ~ Women ~ Mixed ~ Seniors ~ Youth

Click here for more information

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Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Bowling

Drugs Are Not CoolPublic, private, and parochial schools throughout the Greater Rochester area have teamed up with Bowl-A-Roll Lanes to offer area children a safe and fun environment during the summer vacation when they are more likely to be at risk. The "Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Bowling" program provides children ONE FREE GAME OF BOWLING (including rental shoes) EVERY DAY during the summer (May through August). Students need only to present their student ID card.

Here is a story (with video) from the Messenger Post - click here
Here are some Fun DARE Activities
DARE Fun Activity One..
DARE Fun Activity Two..