Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Bowling Tips for the Beginning Bowler

The Basic Steps To Learn as a Beginning Bowler

1. Get a Good fitting bowling ball. In addition, beginners should only use a conventional grip bowling ball. Don't buy an expensive ball at this time, but get a name brand ball and not from a department store get one from a pro-shop, bowling center, or on online retailer.

 3. Learn spot, arrow or line bowling.

4. Learn spare shooting. This is very important spares especially as a beginner will really improve your bowling score.

Practice those 4 things over and over again, along with reading and asking questions. In Addition, if you can find a certified USBC bowling coach in your center that can help tremendously, a good place to look is in your centers Jr bowling program most programs have certified level 1 coaches and would be glad to show you the 4 step approach , line bowling, and spare shooting.